My friend Venzha says : the keyman be a star in television!!

There is a house in Yogjakarta, it is a House of Natural Fiber, new media lab. From time to time Venzha – the man with the plan – tells me about this most wonderful of men; the keeper of keys. The keeper of keys stayed way up on the mountain even when all were urged to come down, vulcano roaring. And what he did? Calmy he sat, renovating his house. Working on his house. People saw him investing in that place. They stayed with him. Now hear this latest news, from the din of nature’s battle booming. The keyman be a star in television! 100.000.000 rupiah (10.000 euro) cash he was paid for appearing in a commercial for an energy drink. But it was not for him. He did not want to keep. Venzha says: he said = they need more than me…. n all maney give to all people directly….

great man!!

great man indeed. Keeper of keys.
We will write him in our dream.
Me need renovating.

His name, I just hear, is Mbah Marijan.

The drink you should get when in Java: extra joss energy drink.

Extra joss energy!

And if we won’t bow, we nod deeply.

We bow.


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