a quiet day

Up early at 540, brushing my teeth, doing all my washing routines and down my Revitalose. I catch that bus. First class ticket to Amsterdam, easy in the train, reading on biosecurity stuff from B. I’m talking in Vigo in a few weeks, need to know , need to know. Walking up to my petit pied a terre only to find that it is like new, S. has had it refurbished and cleaned inside out. Walking in, I am struck by the design of the sheets, so familiar, makes me want to stay and take a nap, get some sleep. Hell no, sun outside shining, hmm a Tom Ka Khai in the sun at de Jaren. I close my eyes. As I walk up to M. to chat and talk about the course I’m going to do at the Designacademy, walking up. M.’s office is very near to me. He makes me two fine espresso. His books are always the latest, just by reading the covers I get wise. Someone has left him a note, the cellar is flooded, water all around. Lots of calls later, it is Ab Riool ( Peet Sewer) that clinches it for us. Ab himself is talking to M. on the phone. The equivalent of Bill Gates we assure ourselves just when you crash that Windows 2000. Pump that cellar! Then, Ab says, tell me is there shit in the water? We laugh all our way to the meeting of the Raad voor Cultuur, where we we get there we stop doing that as you all know this is serious business, saving the country style. Here we are on our way:
rob on bike
At 5 I meet M. in de Jaren. We talk about that strange space opened up by RFID. M. is one of our best designers and I like to get his ideas on the designerly agency in this space, so to get wiser both of us. 7 is off to Meghna, the place where I dine at least once a week. Very good talk with L., deeply pregnant with her second. She stood at the very beginning of all things ambient, and all that only just a while ago, eagerly waiting for real applications and business. As we walk back I notice the moon is slighthly green, well, the sky at least.

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