Me in Beijing ( in october)


France Telecom R&D Beijing is organizing the conference and exhibition on “Art Everywhere – Global and Chinese Perspectives for Innovation” taking place on October 19 &20 at both France Telecom’s Beijing Innovation Gardens and Beijing Dashanzi Art District.

“What can artistic creation bring into the business world? Can we build bridges and work together? Those two worlds often misunderstand each other and they often believe their ways of apprehending the world can not match. However both focus on the characteristics of the society and they both find innovative solutions to handle society’s concerns.

Artistic creation is made of innovations that challenge all kinds of cultural and also artistic standards. For example digital arts tend to be more and more globalized, and they challenge cultural boundaries as well as academic standards. They rely on the capacity of thinking the world differently. That can lead to diverse kinds of innovation beyond the field of arts. To express one’s creativity requires coping with a lot of constraints, and some artists push to technological innovation that reshape the frame of expression, communication, or organization for instance. In doing so, they forecast the great trends of the society.

But artistic creation is also a behavior, a way of thinking against the tide, which can lead to all kinds of innovation. It helps us raise problems differently, and thus find more accurate solutions. How can the artistic world and the business world meet and work together?”


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