in Rhodes: Haps & Russian Dancing


Lots of haps in Rhodes. Haps, according to Professor Duerr are our last resort of understanding and living, loving, being aware are the terms of discussion. Not experience.
Now there’s something from a former student of Edward Teller. Seymour Papert who is chairing my session is pushing the MIT 100 dollar laptop scheme. We need to rethink education pronto his says: from learning in classroom to learning in the world. The educational system is to blame for not integrating technology. He calls for action based learning and learning kids as early as possible how to program computers. I proposed the same thing in a note for Mediawisdom, the Dutch initiative from the Board of Culture – learning programming alongside and with maths – so kids should be in charge. Seymour claims that that is how math started out in the first place. Mathematics started as a new way of building, a practical way of thinking about new spaces, maths was extracted, not reverse engineered. Me and Sergei, my new found friend from Moscow, we agree.

The practice of everyday life

How to live?
How to raise kids?
How to live everyday life?

Schools do not learn that.

Among other presentations, Yuri Sudonovs stood out as a brave attempt to rethink the digital commons in terms of everyday life and everyday practices. Did Russians not learn and dialogue and discuss their everyday problems in the cues in the streets, waiting in line for the hops? Now there are no more cues, but has the internet truly taking over this space of public debate?

Eziekel 25; 17
The truth is you are the weak and I’m the tyranny of evil men
But I’m trying Ringo. I’m trying, real hard.

Yes, yesterday Pulp Fiction was on here on tv. I watched it again. I can watch it over and over.

Ok man, it is a miracle. Can we go now?

Pulp Fiction is on. In Rhodes, in a giant hotel, near the sea, near the pool.

There are still miracles in Russia.

Pulp Fiction is basically about religion. Who believes what when where with a gun to his head.

Who believes a man walking?

Russians have a special place in their hearts and minds for walking men, wandering men, wandering monks.

Yesterday evening, in the tv room, I saw a movie about wandering monks, well, one in particular. Wandering monks again meander on Russian soil, peasant soil. We see old ladies and young schoolgirls, sometimes blushing, sometimes crying. The few men are either priests or camera men, photographers. He even looks like Rasputin.

But no tsarina this time.

No balance, only country won’t do it. Rasputin had the ladies of the Moscow higher class.

Maybe they can bring in the Wolf. In Pulp Fiction he straightens every situation out. But , indeed, that is fiction my friends.


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