One bag too far

mmarket1.jpgDesignacademy students figured that the layers of protection of the local Mediamarket were overdoing it.
First the revolving doors that can be electronically stopped, second the entrance gates, third RFID on all items, four camera’s everywhere (eight camera’s on an eight meters wide glass window), fifth the guards and then when you enter the have to put your bag into a locker!
Talking about trust. Talking about guarding some items as if it was the long lost heart of gold.

So they went in with lots of bags.

They did it. That is for now the most important act, to do it. To do theatre not in the theatre, perform not only in a play, but to create a in between space in real life where all kinds of sensations- however slighly- get exagerrated or somewhat distorted.

I recall some things very well, very sharp, but have forgoten others completely.

They did not create so much disturbance to actually cause a debate on the security issues because they could somehow cope with our bags ( the tools to create the debate, our ‘arguments’ as you can say) but this did cause the system to overconcentrate on some part of the security ( the frontend) which allowed some of them to go into the store not only with small rucksas but also a huge suitcase!


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