Yes Men at it again?

“Do not let your fear and uncertainty about the Age of Terror prevent you any longer from being fully prepared and armed. Take the steps now to insure that you will be identified quickly and accurately in the event of a terrorist attack. Urge your loved ones, especially if they live in urban centers or near a military base, to get LIDS implants so that you can get them back, if not in one piece, then at least the right parts.”

Our Mission

Formed in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, LimbID System is dedicated to preventing delayed limb and body identification in the future.

LimbID System has aided in the identification process of hundreds of deceased loved ones since our establishment in 2002, and we have prepared countless others for easy identification in emergency situations.

Our Story

New Yorkers Morris G. Scheidt, Ruth Grace Serth, and P. Elise Sousseau found themselves sharing the same vision after the World Trade Center attack in 2001: to be able to quickly and accurately return victim’s limbs to their family members in order to ensure that all lost loved one’s would be given the opportunity for a proper burial.

After finding each other’s thoughts on a post-9/11 online forum,they arranged to meet in person. Given their extensive backgrounds in applied technologies, they arrived at the concept of LimbID System swiftly, realizing that the concept was not only possible but vital to prevent the drawn out searches, confusion, and loss experienced after 9/11.


Morris G. Scheidt
Chief Executive Officer

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