Off to Hasselt with Régine Debatty to see Dunne & Raby

And yo!

Designing Critical Design, an exhibition by Jan Boelen, actually does what it promises to do: offer interfaces to dissemination (exhibition to a larger audience, expert dialogue for young designers), research ( the practice of theory: output of design research), works of art ( in terms of intrinsic poetry), objects for debate, objects to stimulate, engender and produce debate for high end decision makers who do not understand the digital territories we are moving into.

We had a great time and Jan showed us around the whole structure, huge and beautiful. Régine had kindly allowed me to tag along so I did and afterwards we had a very good chat with Nik and Virginia.

A few weeks ago I was visiting Tony at the RCA to talk to students and there I saw the Hasselt objects wrapped in paper still:


Only a day after realized by the images i still had in my mind’s eye how very dangerous the works are, so voodoo’d it seems especially the latest “robots”, so pure embodied and disembodied interaction at the same time, as Carl Schmitt once wrote about not knowing anymore who or what your real enemy and your absolute enemy is (= der eigene Frage als Gestalt), that’s when you’re in trouble.


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