Why not make our own tags?

This item was sent to you by felipefonseca from Google Reader. RFID tags and the EU The IHT reports “the European Commission said Thursday that it would not curb the growth of the tiny radio transmitter tags that transportation companies,retailers and manufacturers use to track goods and purchases,saying it was confident that the RFID tags could be designed to protect consumer privacy.”I know that most of you are wondering what new regulation I am going to propose today,”said Viviane Reding, the European commissioner responsible for Internet and communications, at a news conference at the Cebit technology convention in Hannover.”Well, today I am here to tell you that on RFIDs, there is not going to be a regulation,”she said, referring to radio frequency identification tags”. No regulations planned for radio ID tags, EU says … Source: http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/SmartMobs/~3/102050429/rfid_tags_and_t….html If you no longer wish to receive message like this, please contact the sender. Try Google Reader today: http://www.google.com/reader/

Yes, it is someting and also to be expected. Europe’s only chance to survive against BRIC is to see EU as a testbed for ambient intelligence services and products. Korea is trying. But can you export the pilots and knowledge transfers from what is going on there to the rest of the world ( who is able to scale to building new cities, hmm China:)?
Very difficult for the rest of the world, so EU is logical choice: highy educated public, deep levels of technology saturation spread out across strata of society.
So Viviviane Redding has always made it clear that for her RFID is the glue to this Digital Territory, so off they go; no rules, no legislation.
In a way, I’m for that; who needs more state control in a wireless free spectrum?
But at this stage I fear it just gives a free ride to the big telco’s, logistics and retailers that go all out and splatter the planet with tags.
Tags will have to get smart in a few years. The logic of techné demands they get a little power wiser (either on tag batteries or powerscavenging) and some memory. Talk is now about a passive rfid environment. We should assume an active – sensor- world.
Then again no regulation also means free play for us, open source rfid infrastructures. Why not make our own intelligent tags?


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