Generic Infrastructures in Noema

N O E M A N e w s N. 358
18 March 2007

Generic Infrastructures [1]
Rob van Kranenburg

The coming decade will see the European nation states’ monopoly of knowledge-power crumble; the digitally literate middle class will script its own forms of solidarity (with its nationally non- affiliated community), breaking with the 19th century democratic institutions (starting with the health, education and security systems), and triggering new class wars between the disempowered
majority of non-cognitariat unemployed and the cognitariat which abandons national solidarity.This withdrawal from responsibility for the commons, public space, public facilities and sense of solidarity will be the end of the democratic state at an organisational level.

This stems from the logic of techné, outsourcing memory and agency to an ever more seemingly controllable environment on an individual level. The fact that this scenario is hastened by the great cultural and racial tensions in Western European cities and countryside (where extreme right wing parties keep growing) is secondary. Intellectuals are moving to the outskirts, leaving the centre wide open for reactionary, wild capitalist forces and the threat of a barren commons.


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