Bricolabs in Paris at Mal au Pixel

Mal au Pixel / PixelAche Paris
International festival of Electronic Subcultures
14-21 avril, at Ars Longa, Confluences, Mains d’Œuvres
Democracy ? Do it yourself !

The second edition of the Mal au Pixel festival will be held in April 2007, the very week before the first round of the French presidential election. Given this pre-election context, Mal au Pixel tackles the question of how artists, researchers and networked communities working in the field of media can contribute to understanding, criticizing, and imagining our political and social systems?

This topic aims to gather artists, designers, researchers, and social workers, intends to drive us towards poetical or critical proposals, rather than simply illustrate e-democracy trends. Marcel Duchamp taught us that all Art is politics, time has come then to ask why politics shouldn’t be aesthetical as well?

Mal au Pixel Festival also presents experimental installations, debates and workshops, but also party times to share: five events of hybrid performances, DJ/VJ, experimental or narrative lives, plenty of electronic vibes from here and far away !

>> Exhibitions

Ars Longa
From sat. 14 to sat. 21, 12h-19h, free entrance.
Antoine Schmitt (France) Still Living.
Etienne Cliquet (France) Origami X26.

Mains d’Œuvres
from monday 16 to sat. 21, 12h-22h, free entrance.
Société Réaliste (France/Hungary) Transitioners.
Ykon (Finland) Micronations.
Geneviève Favre (Switzerland) Canon.
RYbN (France) Anti Data Mining.

From monday 16 to sat. 21, 12h-21h. free entrance.
Maurin Donneaud and Vincent Roudaut (France) Interface textile XYi.
Aliquidstudio (France) Bloc6tm.
Jérome Abel and Cédric Buron (France) Télépunch

Institut Finlandais
From tuesday 17 to sat. 21 from 12h to 18h, (to 20h on Tuesday), free entrance.
Ykon (Finland) Micronations.

>> Lives
Mains d’Œuvres
Tuesday april 17 21h-0h • 10€
Experimental set and VJ lives
Fennesz (Austria) + Mattip & VJ *Jen + zerobyzero (Finland)

Wednesday april 18 21h-0h • 6€
Cunnilingus 2080 + Eat Rabbit + Sidabitball (France) + End of Level (UK/Sweden)

Thursday april 19 21h-0h • 6€
One man band
I Am a Vowel, Daniel P. Vinuesa, Benoit Vedrenne (France)

Friday april 20 21h-0h • 6€
Improvisation Lives
Section Amour (France) + V-Scratch (Switzerland)

Sat. april 21 21h-3h • 10€
Closing Party
eRikm + Scanner (UK) + L’entreprise + wU-M-P + Venzha Christ + Beatnikeuz + BenjaminFehr (Germany)

Pass festival : 16€
Ticket selling : Fnac-Carrefour, Point Ephémère (without commission).

>> Meetings
Mains d’Œuvres :
Sat April 14 18h-20h, free entrance.
Art creation and Collective Intelligence
With Pierre Levy (Ottawa University), la FING (Fédération Internet Nouvelle Génération) and Jean-Noël Montagné (Art Sensitif),
>> followed with a networked music live (NetPD), by Alexandre Quessy (Montreal), Julien Belanger (France) !

Confluences :
Monday April 16 18h-20h, free entrance.
Media Noise on the Web
With Frédérique Roussel (journalist Libération), Stanislas Magniant (co-funders of Netpolitique and communication consultant), Arnault Coulet (funder of and Thierry Vedel (searcher at CNRS and in Centre de Recherche Politique de Sciences Po.) and Benoit Labourdette (Pockets Films Festival).
>> followed with the performance Télépunch, by Jérôme Abel & Cédric Buron !

Wednesday April 18 18h-20h, free entrance.
Afrique, nest for free softwares ?
With Issoufo Magagi (project holder of Zaanga, contemporary memories in heroic Africa), Nicolas Péjout (project Aden, Appui au Désenclavement Numérique, coopération internationale du MAE) and Philippe Aigrain (searcher, former chief of Software technology department at European Commission).
>> followed with the performance Géo, by Livio+Dkan !

+ Palais de Tokyo, 20h-21h, 6/4,5€
Dreams of a nation : fake it til you make it ! Conference and screening by Ykon

Friday April 20 18h-20h, free entrance.
Digital Cartographies, toward territories new perception
The Upgrade ! : meeting with Ewen Chardronnet and Horia Cosmin Samoïla (Spectral Investigations Collective)
Then conference with Benjamin Cadon (project holder of “Numérise Orléans”, sensitive city cartography) and Franck Ancel (artist-performer).
>> followed with the performance Tempus Terrier Addtion, by Maxime Oudry and Vincent Rioux !

>> Workshops
Mains d’Œuvres
Sunday april 15, from 11h to 21h, free entrance.
Dorkbot, People doing Electricity with strange things. Public meeting open to participation : creations, prototypes, and research presentations, participatives experiencies and hands-on workshops.

Saturday april 21, 14-18h, 10€/8€.
Bricolabs, GNU/Linux and open hardware, theoretical meeting on open source with Rob van Kranenburg, followed by an hands-on workshop with Denis Jaromil Rojo, on hacking cheap game consoles to recycle and craft novel forms of interactive handheld computing.

Saturdayi 21 april, 14-18h, 10€/8€.
RYbN, Anti Data Mining, practical workshop on softwares chain in use in Data mining, and data processing with PureData.

Ars Longa
Two sessions, monday-tuesday and Wednesday-thursday. 5€ per day.
T’es In T’es Bat, Video-Palabre-Blog-Sound-System, workshop on political « blog ».


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