The Kitchen Budapest

(through yasmin list)

The formal major patron (Hungarian Telecom) of the Center for Culture and Communication (known as C3) decided to support a new type of business-wise research institution incubating 13 delicate, accurately chosen young talents recruited from technical and art schools having innovative visions and projects to work together in a digital kitchen. They are supposed to cook the next generation of services, interfaces, games or whatsoever. The principal goal of the Kitchen Budapest is to create ‘something’ (project proposals will be public soon on the website) for the growing community of urban nomads using mobile technologies to live, to make business or being entertained. The Kitchen Budapest is supposed to be a collaborative working environment for young researchers to bring up new and interesting projects as soon as possible. The institution wants to emerge with excellent projects, interesting programs like exhibitions and lectures in front of the local and the international public. The concept emphasizes fast results, the rotation of the researchers and the possible business usage of the projects by creating spin offs with the help of the Telecom company, which has a buying preference for all business-wise prototypes developed in the Kitchen.

The concept of the new institution is built up by a group of young and successful people like Robin Nagy manager from T-Online, Adam Somlai-Fischer designer from Aether, Peter Halacsy information technologist, Attila Nemes communication adviser and a formal art gallery manager Eszter Bircsak. The Kitchen Budapest will open during May 2007, but the application for the research scholarships is already open.


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