Bronac Ferran on Enter Festival

HI everyone,

this is just to draw your attention to a spectacular new Festival and very interesting conference in Cambridge next week.

International Conference & Festival for New Technology Art
25-29 April 2007, Cambridge (UK)

The programme will combine experimental digital work created by artists – which will be open to all ages to play and experience in public spaces around the city, with a high profile conference that addresses important questions about society and technological innovation – the speakers list includes open source activitists, commercial games developers, academics working on social technology projects, media lab pioneers from across Europe, cultural theorists, social scientists, creative industries experts and bloggers from China, Cambridge and many other places. The programme will also see the Launch of an exciting new Anglo-Dutch publication called Uncommon Ground – which contains essays and case studies by Charlie Leadbetter, Garrick Jones, David Garcia, Anne Nigten, Sher Doruff, Matt Ratto, Rob Van Kranenburg, Anne Galloway and others on the challenges of artistic collaboration, cooperation and intervention within different disciplinary fields. The emerging Bricolabs phenomenon – which brings together various different interest groups around the world concerned with creating a generic infrastructure in relation to technological resources – is featured both within the conference and the publication. Further information is in Annette’s email below – hope to see you there.

all best wishes


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