We do need to appreciate the ethos of bureaucracy.

We do need to appreciate the ethos of bureaucracy.

We do.


“Economic development depends mainly on the emergence of dedicated, talented, and honest national and regional political leaders.” [27]
And this requires bureaucracy:

“Sustained economic growth requires, everywhere, the accumulation of physical and human capital, as well as the acquisition of technological capabilities. This process does not occur in a historical vacuum, devoid of the influence of powerful social and political factors. Structure, institutions, and policies are critical determinants, as is the availability of qualified technical and administrative personnel.

Indeed, the availability of a highly qualified bureaucracy in both South Korea and Taiwan ˜ and before that in their model country, Japan ˜ was a necessary precondition for achieving rapid economic growth. By contrast, the shortage in SSA (sub-Saharan Africa), of scientific, technical, and administrative skills, such as those of engineers, natural scientists, managers, and technicians, is a key reason why the East Asian “miracle” could not be reproduced there.” [28]

(and that is what’s wrong with sub-Saharian Africa)

Building bureaucracy requires trust:

‘In a report in this week’s issue of the journal Science, Dr. P. Read Montague Jr. and colleagues at the BCM Human Neuroimaging Laboratory and California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif., describe where and when trust is formed between two anonymous people interacting via functional magnetic resonance imaging in machines more than 1,500 miles apart. They found that as the interaction continued, the trust response occurred earlier and earlier in the subjects’ interchanges – until a decision about trust occurred even before the latest interaction was completed.’ […] ‘The study was made possible by hyperscanning or hyperscan-fMRI, a breakthrough that allowed Montague and his colleagues to synchronize the scanning of two interacting brains.’ [29]

Trust requires love:

‘In a springtime sort of story, researchers say they’ve used advanced scanning methods to pinpoint the region of the brain where feelings of trust arise.’ .. ‘Turns out those emotions are nestled in the same area as the most powerful springtime feeling of all — love.’ […] ‘“Love is a primitive, basic, emotional affective state,” he said. “So is trust. Trust is something that a child has for its mother or a lover has for a lover.”’ [30]


That is how simple it is.

Love brings trust. Love negotiates trust.

Trust builds relationships. Relationships are embodied in people: middle men. Love builds trust, trust builds bureaucracy. Love builds trust, trust builds boredom.

Three cheers for boredom.

Let’s hear it for some peace and quiet.

Sleeping in the midday sun [31]

Tone it down, now
Tone it down
Tone it



Sleeping in the midday sun and ah don’t you worry, you can walk about in my dream

walk about in my dream now

I will walk us home


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