Sometimes you’re so early you forget about it yourself

so here’s a post on IDC

“3. Something really important is going on. Human beings seem to advance by externalizing functions of consciousness. What we’re doing now maybe is externalizing meaning. (In a Heidegger sense) The connection of things enriches them and lets them have the context in which they are what they are. They are there for the next generations to make sense of to see if there are connections between two things that are tagged the same way.”

From Colin Rhinesmith quoting:

David Weinberger
Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of The New Digital Disorder
Book Release Party
Harvard University
April 20, 2007


What is the role and place of design in these information spaces that are mediated with computational processes that generate not data (linked to other data) – the kind of communicative process that we are familiar with – but information (linked to other information)?

and resonance design