I’d like to think of words that scream – Moondog Jr wisely sings but HEY! Man can i think of words that scream like


s a f e t y

oh i can hear it tear its last hairs out, it can see it shrinking – getting thin, getting thin baby and the smell of that word, ouch, the smell of it, oh you smell of the skull of dead man dying too like lighting a cigarette, too like close that door ( crow speaking now)


s e c u ri ty

baby once i saw you lifting that dress screaming of loud roses dropping like pearls in a rembrandt painting, you smelled of mama, you smelled of home, you made me warm, my feet strong and i felt, yeah i felt secure, hmm come and dance -walk on darling, walk us home now


what have they done to you?
they locked you up many many times, oh so many times you don’t know your own family nomore

your own family nomore

no more:

Boom in RFID will be reflected in Europe’s Leading Conference

“As the $5 billion RFID market moves strongly to over $25 billion in ten years, advances are on a broad front. This year, the IDTechEx RFID Europe conference in Cambridge UK 18-19 September is growing and widening its scope to reflect this booming industry. RFID is an enabling technology that provides safety, security, cost reduction, increased sales, reduced crime and much more. In this article the author, Dr. Peter Harrop looks at some recent examples.
Jul 14, 2007”

ah to go from disruptive to enabling in only a few years

well i say

i can go the other way too

from enabling
to disruptive
in a matter
of seconds
yeah now
just watch me
watch me