The Hometown Advantage Bulletin

The Hometown Advantage Bulletin
Issue #38 – July-August 2007

Subject: Hometown Advantage Bulletin – July-August 2007
Date: Tue 24 Jul 2007 17:10:42 GMT+02:00


Jul. 19, 2007
Arizona Bans Tax Breaks for Retail Development
Independent business owners were instrumental in advocating for the new law, which will put an end to the multi-million dollar subsidies that are routinely given to chain retail projects in the Phoenix metro.

In other media:

“Green” Wal-Mart: An Oxymoron?
by Neal Pierce, Washington Post Writers Group, Jun. 24, 2007
Wal-Mart has been harvesting kudos for its dramatic “green” promises. But author-activist Stacy Mitchell has tossed a firecracker into the Wal-Mart-environmentalist lovefest.


Wal-Mart Maps
See which states have the most Wal-Mart stores and the most Wal-Mart square footage per capita, as well as a map of the 246 outlets Wal-Mart has abandoned.

Big-Box Blight: The Spread of Dark Stores
A growing number of towns are inundated with chronically vacant big-box stores and shopping centers. Here’s how to prevent big-box blight in your community. This is the latest fact sheet added to ILSR’s Big Box Tool Kit.

New Supercenter Traffic Study
Projections of the likely traffic impact of Wal-Mart and Target supercenters are significantly underestimating the actual volume of traffic, according to a new study.
Browse other key studies in the Big Box Tool Kit library.

Big-Box Swindle: The True Cost of Mega-Retailers and the Fight for America’s Independent Businesses
“If you think the argument against the astoundingly fast spread of big box stores across America is simple or easily dismissed, try reading this.” — Ridenbaugh Press. Email us for information on multiple-copy discounts. Upcoming speaking events: Portsmouth, RI; St. Petersburg; and Miami. Also see the DVD, “Stacy Mitchell Talks about the Big-Box Swindle.”
Reviews, synopsis, and more:

Thinking Outside the Big Box: California Workshops
Jeff Milchen of the American Independent Business Alliance is giving presentations in northern California this week. Not to be missed. See the schedule:

Additions to the New Rules web site:

Two new ordinances in Fairfield, Connecticut, ensure that the city’s neighborhood business districts will be populated by small-scale, independent stores.

Cranston, Rhode Island, has proposed an ordinance that stipulates that development projects involving retail stores of 75,000 square feet or more must pass an economic impact review in order to be approved. If it passes, the ordinance, which is modeled on Maine’s new Informed Growth Act, would be one of the most comprehensive municipal big-box impact review laws in the nation.


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