Melanie says: Perhaps this would interest you guys..

To: Rieback Melanie
Subject: Robodock 2007: call for hardware hackers


Here’s the announcement for our event in Amsterdam the third week of September. If you could pass this on to anyone who might be interested, that would be great. We’d love to have as many racers as possible.



Hazardfactory organises an event in the Seattle area called the “Seattle Power Tool Race & Derby” where we take old power tools (saws,grinders, sanders, etc) and make them into “racers” which we then race down a track. It’s like an american style Drag-race with two racers side-by-side going in straight line for about 20 meters. Our event is partially about racing for speed but it is equally about being “clever” and building something different from anyone else, even if it is not fast.

A key point of this event is that it is “participatory”, we provide the track but we need people to build and bring racers to compete. They can take it as far as they want, our friend Wes brought a pit crew that fed racers tequila when their racetool suffered mechanical failure.

We have the tools necessary to help people build “racetools” for the event at Robodock. It is an easy way for people to vault over the barrier between audience and get some of the spotlight for themselves.

Some pictures and video from our event:

In September we are taking our show to an event in Amsterdam called “robodock” It is an Industrial Arts event that attracts, artists, scientists, inventors, and gadgeteers of all kinds. We expect an audience of two to three thousand for each of the four days we perform.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What the hell are you talking about?

Here is our friend Bre explaining how to make a power tool Drag Racer

He gives a great explanation of the race and includes a clip from Georgetown

Q: Is there a more specific walk thru of building techniques?

A: Yes, here is Jeremys’ instructable showing step-by-step how to build a

Q: What are the dimensions of the track?

A: For the Robodock races we will be metric and it feels like salvation!
according to zach:

Exhaustive research has determined that the euro equivilent of a 2×4 is
50x=100mm rough or about 45x95mm finished.

So the track is made of 95x45mm wood on edge with a plywood base.

305mm rail to rail (1 foot)
19meters long (60 feet)

Here is a picture!

3d model of the track at:

Contact us with any questions!