A loud shade of purple as I’m in the train back home, autumn time! Wintertime in clock hours.

With Katherine Albrecht in the Baha Beach Club, where she presented her new findings on cancer and embedded objects in animals and humans, to one of the very first chipped managers. He did not really flinch, but I saw him shift his feet not at ease, at all. Two former Breda students of mine, Jos and Cyril, were with us during the two days of her visit, and we may expect a great movie very soon.
In Riga, where Rasa from RIXC and Kristine from K2 make new media education history – and not only in Central Europe- but in the whole of Europe as they are equal partners in the setting up of a new media BA in the department of Pedagogy in Liepaja. I was honored to be at the education conference in 2001 and again very much so 6 years later, to sort of help finetuning an already extremely sophisticated program. Kudos to the Riga and Liepaja crews! Kristine and me decided we need a yellow Hummer as the only and perfect statement against/of/with/embedded inthe current state of pimped up cars the Liepaja boys are puffing about in.
In Ghent where in my hometown I was invited by Mary Ann from Ietm and Elke to keynote the IETM conference. What a joy to present he arguments I’ve rolled over for so many years to the perfect expert audience. And the seminar I hosted with Sarah Andrew was rated a life changing experience. Here Valentina and Sarah and Cora say: Et voila!

All in all, we could not have tried any more.

“La distruzione della coscienza individuale rappresenta un alta idea di cultura, e’ un’idea alla base della cultura da cui deriva una forma del tutto nuova di civilizzazione. Non sentirsi vivere solo come un individuo e’ la via di fuga da questa perversa forma di capitalismo che io, io chiamo capitalismo della coscienza poiche’ l’anima e’ il bene di tutti.”

in jaromils translation:

The destruction of the individual conscience represents an high idea of culture, it’s a deep idea of the culture from which comes a completely new form of civilization. To not feel to live only as an individual makes it possible to escape from this weird form of capitalism that i, i call capitalism of the conscience as long the soul is everyone’s good.

Antonin Artaud
messages revolutionnaires – 3 juin 1936

So we sing with Bob
“Sweet Amarillo, you stole my pillow…that harmony sounds like gospel! Yes!