You keep adding stones, soon the water will be lost in the well, Jack Johnson sings

and my friends, not only in  the well. In our will, as well. Smile now. 

Eziekel 25; 17

“The truth is you are the weak and I’m the tyranny of evil men

But I’m trying Ringo. I’m trying, real hard.”


Yes, yesterday Pulp Fiction was on here on tv. I watched it again. I can watch it over and over.


“Ok man, it is a miracle. Can we go now?”

 Pulp Fiction is basically about religion. Who believes what when where with a gun to his head.

 Who believes a man walking?

Who has a special place in their hearts and minds for walking men, wandering men, wandering monks?

Maybe they can bring in the Wolf. In Pulp Fiction he straightens every situation out. But , indeed, that is fiction my friends.  

“Ok man, it is a miracle. Can we go now?”