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Nothing’s invented, nothing’s new
. Or made to order just for you.
 The gangster play that we present
 is known to our whole continent.
Bertolt, Brecht, Prologue to The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, Methuen, Modern Plays, 1981 (first published 1957)

Overcome your opponent by calculation. – Li Quan

“Or notice that many old working class women have an habitual gesture which illuminates the years of their life behind. D. H. Lawrence remarked it in his mother: my grandmother’s was a repeated tapping of her fingers on the arm of her chair, a tapping which accompanied an endless working out of something in her head; she had had years of making out for a large number on very little. In others you see a rhythmic smoothing everything out and make it workable; in others there is a working of the lips or a steady rocking. None of these could be called neurotic gestures, nor are they symptoms of acute fear; the help the constant calculation.” (from a cultural studies icon, forgot which)

as Dylan sings:

“Everything went from bad to worse, money never changed a thing.”