The genre is the gesture and the gesture is always with you:

The genre is the gesture and the gesture is always with you: The Blanqui Parade or how to innovate in organizing principles.

Two or three hours’ walking will carry me to as strange a country as I expect ever to see. – Henry Thoreau. [33]

The biggest fight I fought as a kid was with a guy called, well ‘guy’, a kid off course, – how I keep forgetting we were kids then. Well, the biggest fight I fought as a kid was called Marcel Vera. I never forgot. How he stood waiting one day with his mates, waiting in the bushes and did it snow? It snowed. I was riding my bike, I was biking home, coming from school. As I write myself home. Just now. A car just passed, it came from the left. And I felt just for an instant, but I felt, : Hey you can not drive that way! It is a dead end. But here is no dead end, this is my Ghent street. The dead end street was In Waalwijk, where I grew up. So I still share with you, my young brother. Skin ego.

“The energy inside our circle starts to feel good, and to build power. I am thinking we are going to have an easy day, that the strategy of the police will be to let us have this space but keep us away from other sections of the fence, and the big challenge will be keeping the group from simply getting bored and wandering off. So I decide to keep the spiral energy going instead of building it into a peak, and nod at Ruby to keep dancing in and out. I am drumming in the center to help keep the drum corps and the chanting in synch, and the energy of the group bathes me. I decide to use it to investigate the weird deadness of the area, and drop down into trance. (This is a kids-don’t-try-this-at-home technique—meaning I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who isn’t experienced in both deep trance and street actions, because it requires being able to make a major shift in consciousness instantly without getting the psychic equivalent of the bends.) What I see when I drop down are images of corpses, grey, bloated corpses, and a sense of an utter, soulless, hopeless lack of life. And I’m thinking about the Judgement card. Maybe our task is somehow to wake the dead. But there’s a sickening feel to this energy. I start to cough and almost vomit, wondering if perhaps they are using some new neurotoxin on us or bombarding us with some sci-fi ray, but I feel more like I’m simply nauseated by contact with this energy. But I keep breathing it through, and releasing it, and calling on life energies to come in and cleanse it. There’s an emptiness here so deep, like an energetic black hole, that I don’t know what can fill it. I start invoking Oya, orisha of wind and fire, the sudden storm, and suddenly I feel power flooding through me and the energy of the drums and the chant begins to build and grow.” [34]

In A future world of supersenses, Martin Rantzer of Ericsson Foresight says: “New communication senses will be needed in the future to enable people to absorb the enormous mass of information with which they are confronted,” He claims that the user interfaces we use today to transmit information to our brains threaten to create a real bottleneck for new broadband services. Implementing digital connecitivity in an analogue environment without a design for all the senses leads to information overload. In a ubicomp environment the new intelligence is extelligence, “knowledge and tools that are outside people’s heads” (Stewart and Cohen, 1997)