Genghis Khan created the largest empire in the world with a handful of dedicated men

As a study in radical democracy Temujin’s notions and praxis of local local autonomies, a radical break with hierarchy, freedom of expression and religion, no looting but organized distribution, knowledge transfer across various expertise and regions, inter and transdisciplinary innovation, freedom of tax for teachers and inventors, and radical kinship relations, managed to create a clear division between protocols of dealing with the wirkliche feind (war and local autonomy after defeat) und absolute feind: a loss of oneness with the world, far more important than any real enemy that might cause hurt or harm. The combination of a radically subjective absolute enemy transcending any temporary allegiances that Temujin constantly forged, formed and abandoned, with the creation of radically new bonding through adopting people from different and enemy tribes into his own family, ah now, lets go for a coffee.