how do we disappear into the fabric of a universal becoming drawing on the local performative powers of the art of transformation?



“O, you hypocrites, who despise the truths taught you by a true physician, who is himself instructed by Nature, and is a son of God himself! Come, then, and listen, impostors who prevail only by the authority of your high positions! After my death, my disciples will burst forth and drag you to the light, and shall expose your dirty drugs, wherewith up to this time you have compassed the death of princes, and the most invincible magnates of the Christian world. Woe for your necks in the day of judgment! I know that the monarchy will be mine. Mine, too, will be the honour and glory. Not that I praise myself: Nature praises me. Of her I am born; her I follow. She knows me, and I know her. The light which is in her I have beheld in her; outside, too, I have proved the same in the figure of the microcosm, and found it in that universe.” -The Treasure of Treasures for Alchemists,By Philippus Theophrastus Bombast, Paracelsus the Great

We revive the will to believe and the skills and experience of the operator as fundamental to the process of change. The will to be empty vessels: no content, no structure, no place nor movement, articulating our relationships through our will to believe each other, in each other – for a while. Articulating our worries and fears, our dreams and longings- in and through the things that carry connotations: infra-structures. As for our building, we build the traces that the doing makes tangible and visible for you, for a while. If you can see the traces, that is.  To see, be and perform all three: marching, walking and the steps in between. The materialization of this social will either by invested by our readiness to occupy your heart, so as to save ourselves, or a further erosion of the dignity and capacity for worthy life, to the extent of its extinction,


make a paper boat,

light it 

and send it out,

send it out now! ( if you stroll, Spanish stroll! Hey Johnny, they’re looking for you man!