Venzha on Ki Hajar Dewantara

First, I will tell you about our HERO in education field, named is   KI HAJAR DEWANTARA  ( 2 May 1889 – 28 April 1959 ), ( ),  

Ki Hadjar Dewantara, the Father of Education of Indonesia, describes the fundamental nature of education as an attempt to promote the whole being of children, mentally, morally and, physically, towards the perfection of life that is, life in harmony with nature and the community. Hence, education supports the actualisation of community’s potential to reach the ultimate well-being and happiness. 


3 His thoughts in education are summarised in 3 principles: 

(in Javanese language) (very polite one) 

‘ing ngarso sing tulodho’ (in the front giving examples),  

‘ing madya mangun karso’ (in the middle giving encouragements),  

and ‘tut wuri handayani’ (in the back ready to give assistance).