Validated content as input

Major Dutch research institute TNO talks about a major systems approach to safety that takes into account organization, training, education, leadership and societal experience and perception. The claim is that technology should be developed hand in hand with these aspects.

So far so good. But then TNO asserts that for this specifically it has developed new methods, such as Advanced Concept Development and Experimentation Platform. What is the basis, the claim to the real of this method?: “validated content and advanced simulation and gametechnology.

Where is that sand in my shoes? Where is the gum on the pavement? The daily negociations?

The claim to the real turns out to be validated content, but validated by whom? Proabably by datamined algorhytms. Advanced simulation – not real life conversation, fights, slipping on wet pavements, trying to pick up litter in the streets only to get your hands dirty and no bin in sight, life as a messy state of messy affairs – has now become not the goal of visualizations able to make meaning as output, no, it is the input.

I know others have written about this much more clearly but I do confess it is only now that this so clearly hits me. If this reduction of the real, this neat disembodied, unsmelly, atactile, unedged – is what goes in these systems as a basis to think about upposedly real life issues in relationship with technology, then it is not hard to see that as output it is unthinkable that any real scenarios can be generated without the technology as it is framed in the first place.