Are you ready? Ai Weiwei says: I am ready

“Watch out! Have you prepared yourself?”

Ai Weiwei: “I am ready. Or, perhaps I should say that there is nothing to prepare, no way to prepare myself. A person–this is all of me–is something that can be received by others. I offer up all of myself. When the time comes when it is necessary, I will not hesitate, I won’t be ambiguous about it. If there is anything that I am reluctant to leave behind it is the wondrous miracle that life has brought me. And that miracles are that every one of us is the same, that people are equal in this game, as well as the fantasies that come along with playing it, and our freedom. I regard every kind of intimidation, from any kind of ‘authority or power’ [sic – the character is for quanli as in ‘rights’, but from the context this appears to be a typo, perhaps?], as a threat to human dignity, rationality and reason–a threat to the very possibility of opposition. I will learn to face and confront this.”

From Monica Narula, through Patrice on Brico.