In a piece for De Morgen (saturday july 4) Douglas de Conick writes about the five pirates from Somalia who are on trial now in Holland for trying to hijack the freighter Samanyolu. Willem-Jan Ausma is the laywer of the youngest one, Yusuf Ahmed (24). Yusuf is now in jail at Alphen aan de Rijn and they talk through an interpreter. He is so happy! When Willem told him he would try to bring the nine years sentence to four he asked why? He enjoys himself tremendously in jail. He gets food, can do sports and wants to learn Dutch and bring over his family asap. Willem- Jan relates how Yusuf was fishing for lobster only a few years ago, making enough money to support his family. Then the European and Asian trawlers came, got all the fish and wrecked the bottom of the ocean with their huge nets. No more fish, no more work. You know, the laywer says, I know these stories from the papers but when you hear a guy like that tell it it becomes a different story. And after the fish was gone, other ships came. They dumped chemicals and waste. And now Yusuf is in jail in a place that has profited for all that destruction and is feeling happy.


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