Starhawk on Climate Change

” October 24, is a global day of action around climate change, organized by the folks at Why 350? That’s the parts per million of carbon that scientists think is the safe level that will keep the planet at least somewhat recognizable as the one we’ve grown to know and depend on for our lives. What are we at currently? Something like 390, and climbing! So time is short. With a new round of global negotiations scheduled for Copenhagen in early December, tomorrow’s actions will help build popular pressure on all those politicians to do something real.

We still have a chance to turn the looming disaster into a chance for transformation and balance. We can still build a world that offers abundance, hope, lives of beauty and health and freedom for those who come after us.

But not for much longer. The window is closing. So, wiggle those fingers, press those keys and go to to find an action near you. Then get out of your armchairs, off the internet, and into the streets!

Climate change is often framed as your personal problem you should drive less, consume less, change your lightbulbs. Yeah, you should, all those things are important. But nothing we do individually will solve the problem. We need to work together, to influence policy, not just perfect our own personal eco-karma.

When we take action, we need to know what we want, not just what we don’t want. Confronting climate change can drive people into into despair and apathy. Never just say no without also saying yes because solutions are out there. We have the means we need to solve the problems, and heal other major wounds in the process. We just need to do it.”

Listening to Buffalo Ballet in version of Walkabouts. How brilliant!

“Sleeping in the midday sun.

We all joined in
We all joined hands
We all joined in
to help run this land

then the soldiers came
long long ago
rode through the town
and ran down those
sleeping in the midday sun.”

That was then, this is now
if soldiers come
it will be in a different iteration
and we will catch them
catch them cold
sleeping in the midday sun.