from Rui Guerra (V2)

Call for participation: unCraftivism

unCraftivism is an open event where you can present your own work and organise your own event. unCraftivism is uncurated: your work will not be judged, or restricted by a theme, neither it has to be finalised. unCraftivism is self-organised: you organise and promote your own event, whether a performance, a talk, a workshop, a meal, a song, a party or other as-yet-undefined events.

How to participate in 3 steps:
1. Add your event to the programme (
2. Subscribe to the mailinglist and stay tuned to the latest news.
3. Invite your friends and show up in person or avatar from 12th to
13th of December.

Saturday 12th + Sunday 13th of December
Arnolfini (contemporary arts centre)
16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA