Everything is possible now. (even no title)

I wonder why people can not see that.

Datamining is a very old practice. Before people had computers to compute
databases with, they read their tea. Or better the leaves left in the cup after
they had drunk their tea. Hmm!

“I first became interested in tea leaf reading when I was about 19. My mother knew a woman who wished me to perform a spell to help her. She was not a witch and did not practice magic, but she asked that I aid her with something supernatural. Like most honest witches, I did not expect or ask for any payment in return. She was so thrilled with my work, however, that she presented me with a gift: an antique teacup made especially for tea leaf readings. The cup shape is plain, but the outside and inside of the cup is covered in small symbols and pictures carefully hand-painted in black. There were no instructions for readingthe symbols or how to use the teacup, so I looked around in books and on the internet to see what I could find about reading the leaves.” (http://www.witch-crafted.com/tea.html was the source once)

See what you can learn on the internet?

Best go learn reading tealeaves.

You might get some sense of your past.


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