broaden the notion of enduser (well: you and me, i guess)

Why don’t give intelligence 3.0 a chance and open up all the data from satellites, readers and intercepting for Facebook and Twitter style datamining? Surely we can give it a try if the old style dashboards keep failing?

The key element for design guidelines of IoT is to leave all the technology dashboards that are being currently build intact but override their protocol by widening the notion of endusers to encompass all citizens. This will allow small artisans and SME (as we see now happening to the iphone model) to make new kinds of slow business with all that data enabling, for example real-time individual threat analysis (which will show 0,00001 threat from terrorists and .5 slipping in your bathroom).

I actually think it does not sound so naive anymore in the day and age where aristos that fake phds have to actually step down, freedom chimes throughout the middle east and the united states shows its real face in their treatment of a simple man with a conscience; Bradley Manning.

We are working on the byways my friends and a highway it will become, soon.