We are writing on behalf of the International Network of Museums of the Person (Brazil, Portugal, USA and Canada) and the Center for Digital Storytelling (EUA) to invite you and/or your organization to support the International Day of Life Stories 2011. We are part of an international movement of people and organizations who believe that telling and hearing stories is an important process for the democratization of memory.

The idea of creating a date emerged from the intention of turning it into a day specially dedicated to the celebration and promotion of initiatives aimed at preserving and sharing memories and life stories of individuals, organizations and groups. Since its conception, the activities of the day resulted in positive impacts for the promotion of the individual and society.

With this purpose, we have identified in your work the same engagement to our ideal and we would like to invite you to support this initiative.

How? It’s simple, it takes developing any activity aimed at the promotion of life stories.

The letter to join the campaign is attached to this email. There you can get more information about the date. We are also sending a brief description of the two participating organizations.

Your personal support and / or your organization will be very important to strengthen our efforts in promoting the International Day for Sharing Life Stories and to legitimate partnerships and alliances. If you want to support this idea, please write to

Ps.: The Home Page is under maintenance and we intend to make it available for posts next week. Thank you for understanding!