A proactive vision on a full Internet of Things where the lights are on, all is transaction and engineered narrativity

➔    A proactive vision on a full IOT where the lights are on, all is transaction and engineered narrativity.

rob van kranenburg
➔    “A new, physically uncompromised, metaphysical initiative of unbiased integrity could unify the world. It could and probably will be provided by the utterly impersonal problem solutions of the computers. Only to their superhuman range of calculative capabilities can and may all political, scientific, and religious leaders face-savingly acquiesce.” – R. Buckminster Fuller (1969)

➔     “Did you hear the cops finally busted Madame Marie for telling stories better then they do?” – Bruce Springsteen

Building block 1: Transaction

➔    All is transaction
➔    No more Points of Sale/Points of Transaction as contextual information about you wearing that shirt is pervasive
➔    No more corruption, tax evasion, black markets
➔    All inefficiencies in political decision making processes exposed
➔    Isolation in patents, copyright and IP exposed as anti innovation
➔    No more privacy: levels of accountability on every day functions: privacies
➔    No more security, but flow and insecurity as default: build applications and services from that principle: securities

Building block 2: Team

➔     Europe and the other current Blocs become Team Cities, allegiances start from the neighboorhood.
➔    Your phone is an (EU) ID & passport, foldable screen tablet
➔    You start up applications and pay a 22 % flat fee that pays for generic open source infrastructure: sewage, roads, connectivity, startup funds for business to build on all data that has been opened up (including intelligence), health and inclusive educational programs. This flat fee replaces all current legal, government and governance systems.
➔    All else is paid in bartering services, new types of currencies: bitcoin, freecoin, energy swaps in devices and pay for use:” I want those IPV6 enabled lights on for 3 minutes, starting now please.” (and will pay 30 cents)

Professor Ten Hompel has demonstrated that in logistic praxis, the perfect warehouse is an empty warehouse.  A delicate, but programmable and detectable balance between generic rules and consistently strong local decision making produces the most productive and efficient results. Following the same successful pragmatics, the specific nature of bartering currencies, customs, systems of belief, rituals and modes of behavior are all fully operational on local levels, defying any notions of universal values and codes of conduct. These local levels can best be understood as planes of agency and action and they will consists of teams of like minded intelligences (human, animal, plant, robot) that both live physically and digitally (remote) together. The sole constant is the generic tax of 22% that is managed by algos parsed to Climate Change. All else is left to local creativities.

Building block 3: Flow

➔    Maximum flow, least friction
➔    A new ontology between humans and M2M : the best of human creativity and emotions with the best infrastructures, applications and services that will parse to our main adversary: Climate Change

In the past decade billions of euros have been invested in anti terrorism applications and services that are only accessible to a few stakeholders, yet all the dashboards are paid for by public money. In Europe 420.000 people die in traffic every 10 years. In that same time span 580.000 people have killed themselves in the Union. Under 500 people were blown up. The discrepancy in investment on real conditions and causes for mortality can not be explained by arguments that set forth ‘care for human life’.
In a full IOT all databases are open, all surveillance and control systems are opened up (as in David Brin’s City of Trust). Citizens will be delivered real time threat applications on their (EU)ID’s, alerting them to their mood and socio psychological stress levels, that biker coming from the left just now that is in your inattentional blindness zone and the banana on the pavement as you will go for your morning coffee as all data point to John throwing that away (in full knowledge that 30 euros is zipped of his wallet), but having just heard Sal is leaving him, at precisely 0812, he has more pressing things on his mind. If in Europe we open up all FP6/7/8 security, military and intelligence sensor and surveillance capabilities – paid for, after all, with tax payers money – we need no new investments in infrastructure.

If we want an inclusive society and generic infrastructures for all: roads, health care, sewage systems, education, then the only real form of control lies on device level. The passport must become a processing device. It must be hip, cool, out Apple Apple and foldable. Currently we can not prevent old dependencies (brand IP, copyright, patents, greed, growth without responsibility towards animals, plants, climate change and inclusive human care, money, our planet) to move into and occupy the gateways to the LANS and the edges of their connectivity and reach: the prosthetic devices to the Body Area Network (glasses, hearing aides), the smart meter to the LAN, the car to the Wider Area Network and the Smart City providing citizenship services. This is not a lost battle, however. We can make open source hardware on each level that is simply better then the proprietary item. With project HERMA we have started that process. (http://herma.duekin.com/)

Building block 4: Education: Coach

Sal awakens: she smells coffee. A few minutes ago her alarm clock, alerted by her restless rolling before waking, had quietly asked “coffee?” and she had mumbled “yes.” “Yes”, “no” and ‘Capuccino’ are the only words it knows.
In the early days of Internet of Things, way back in the nineties when it did not have a real name yet her dad had once told her that it only knew “yes” and “no”. She could not imagine life without the Capucinno option.
‘Oh Sally, don’t you cry. Oh Sally, don’t you cry.  A man is a man, does the best he can. Oh Sally, don’t you cry.” Unbelievable she thought, “Sweet Sally sail on by”. Her favorite song! On the hyperlocal news channel she always woke to. Always handy to know if a neighbor needed a hand, or if someone had out loaned a power drill or two. It had been her dad’s favorite too. In a way, she thought, he had given her life, after dying himself way too early, long before seeing his vision come true. Then it hit her. Planned serendipity, off course! Smiling now, she realized she always fell for this. How easy she forgot that her house and all its things played alongside her in the theater of everyday life.

She had consciously set her hyper local news wider then her team city gossip channel. Team City, that was how Europe was called now. She liked it. Everybody could feel like a player and the best thing was , they all had the same coach, Coach, all five hundred million of them. It had been a gradual process. The first coach that was introduced was the Privacy Coach. It was the first app that all EU citizens had had to install on their new EU ID, a foldable screen tablet that outblingblinged the Iphone 8 and positively zipped any Microsoft tool. It was a barter system, ID, phone, game computer all in one and the cool thing was that it recognized any member of your team within a ten kilometer radius. It also held NFC. You were asked to set your privacies settings tuned to a series of activities, services and products. The product list seemed never to end, but as most people buy 90% the same every week, after setting that once, it was basically set for years. You held your EUID to any thing you wanted to lease  no one bought anything any more, so nineties!) and it told you if that matched with your settings. Then she remembered the next thing had been the Safety Coach, Security Coach,  and Ambient Coach, all non optional.
The Cappuccino was good. The moment she had finished dressing, the window that had been opaque became a huge map indicating the whereabouts of her team. All of them basically worked whenever they wanted to on fine-tuning the most optimal conditions for human dolphin conversation. She remembered how the team was put together. It had been quite a tough process. She had been turned inside out. No stone left unturned. She had felt naked throughout. Vulnerable, scared. No doubt everybody felt that way. Later it occurred to her that this had happened not only to her team, but to everybody in the Union, literally everybody. It felt like being broken and being put together again with the help of like minded people, animals, plants and things. Each of these occupied an equal place in any team in Team City.

Oh how awful it had been when all their bank accounts, assets, and wealth had been put into one large team account overnight. For some this resembled the works of the early Christians who owned one house and some things, but sold all surplus in order to set up funds for the group. Others thought it was positively communist and creepy. And this sharing energy bundles, awful. If Ted in Edinburgh installed three new lamps, someone had to dim one. Or Ted had to barter something off course. Well, he was awfully good at cooking vindaloo, hmm.

Ok work! She snapped out of her curry dream and saw that her request for a second Cappuccino had been rejected. Rejected? WTF! You did ask for a severe Coaching regime this week, Miss Sal, I’m sure you will not hold it against me. Addressing the coffee machine directly – which technically speaking was not necessary – she allowed some anger to slip through as she spoke: Ah yes, my friend, I do remember now, but first give me that second cup or I’ll, I’ll fill you up with sparkling water!

Which it did. It also gradually turned on the friction on her home trainer that evening, to get even for that second cup. She pretended not to notice.

Late the night before she had set her settings for today to ‘ Not very bright today, best on my own.’ She knew that only Miranda would contact her with a setting like that. ‘ Hi Sal’. She had not expected her that early. ‘Hi Mira!’ sounding a bit too enthusiastic. Miranda off course picked up on this and ignored radically. ‘ I bet you have been reading one of those oldies, which one is it this time? 1984? Midwich Cuckoos? We?” Sighing Sal said: “ Worse, Brave New World. And you know what the worst thing is? I actually seem to like it. It is so horrible. How can I not feel sympathy with the Savage? How, I always longed be free, wild, roaming and so very very irresponsibly drunk, ever. But Mira, nowadays, I mean I have grown old, is that it?

“We are getting older Sal, that is true, but you know that Coach is made up of such a wide variety of datasets parsing the main algos for every five years, that not one generation can dominate, you know that?” I guess it is just coming too close. The wild zones are not that far off these days and they seem to be getting closer if we have to believe Ted. The entire Us of A is wild wild west again, Mexico style gang violence in nearly every town, village and city. China imploded too…” “I see”, Sal broke in, “yes, I guess you are right.” ‘I have been watching a lot of this on the broad news this week and I must have taken that with me while reading last night.” Wen, her Chinese colleague in a number of projects, Wen, she thought, how would she be? She had seemed so confident that the combination of deliberative democracy and the integrated smart city vision would provide stability. Poor Wen.
Sal? Sally, are you there?
Hey Sal you know what, those new LED’s they installed in public transport to lit unwashed hands? They finally found a way to get dirty hands to lit up in gloves!”

‘Oh, yes Miranda, sorry was drifting of a bit.” ‘Did you get your second cup today?”, smiling. I did, I did, and you, what are you up to?” ‘Actually,  a bit of history.” Very, very interesting. You wanna hear”. Oh yes Sal thought, here we go again. Off course!

Well, it is legal and history, boring usually. But this! Do you recall what dispute there was on legal arguments for ADAY? She did, sure, some of her friends had especially thought the legal arguments that were put forward for ADAY – the final installments on all EUID- were particularly troubling.

It had been clear for some time that a major update of the EU OS was planned. Prior to A-day it seemed the phone was completely redesigned and every day features and apps were added. The Idphones of the visitors and tourists from China, the USA and Africa similarly were upgraded to the highest middle ware level and would sync perfectly.

‘Yes, I’m still not sure what argument the technicians used for what some still call their ‘coup’.” ‘Can you hold a secret…for a change?” “Spill!” “Get this, you know the core of the coup was made up of IOT-A, IOT-I, IERC and Council right?”. “Yes, although IERC is news to me.” ” ‘Ok, now what you don’t know is when they presented ADAY as a reality, having upgraded all EUID of the Commission and Parliament, their legal team presented as their ultimate argument a text by, hold on now….

Then the screen went  blank.

Building block  5: A silent take over

One of the most fascinating writers on Techné,  Heidegger, can only end his ‘Sein und Zeit’ “Wir sollen nichts tun, sondern warten”. We, unfortunately, must act. The IoT community must take over, before the breakdown on all layers becomes too fragmented to parse generic infrastructures on. Although we must keep trying and keep explaining to politicians, civil servants, and intelligence that the functions they embody can no longer be parsed onto their actualizations, so that stepping aside and taking their pension is the only way that can transform their making structures into organized networks peacefully, we can not fully count on their support to do this. We can, however, supply their passports.

Cause I sing fire,
and I sing rain
– Fugees


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