talking at VUB, BXL Nov 9

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You are hereby invited to the next weekly seminar in our interdisciplinary series on Evolution, Complexity and Cognition (ECCO) and the Global Brain Institute (GBI).

Time: Friday, November 9th, 14:00-16:00 p.m

Place: Room 3B217
(building B, level 3, From the elevator take the long corridor to the right, to its end), on the VUB Campus Etterbeek (Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels),  Free entrance: everybody welcome!


The Internet of Things – a proactive approach
Rob van Kranenburg
Currently we can discern two main blocks of thought on IoT. The first is a reactive framework of ideas and thought that sees IoT as a layer of digital connectivity on top of existing infrastructure and things. This position sees IoT as a manageable set of convergent developments on infrastructure, services, applications and governance tools. It is assumed that, as in the transition from mainframe to Internet some business will fail and new ones will emerge, this will happen within the current governance, currency end business models. The second is a proactive framework of ideas and thought that sees IoT as a severely disruptive convergence that is unmanageable with current tools, as it will change the notion of what data and what noise is from the supply chain on to ‘apps’. In both these approaches we find the same challenges. The difference will be in the solutions and approaches. From my perspective as a citizen and enduser I can fully accept the consequences of going fully for the solutions in the proactive framework. From the perspective of a corporation with vested assets and business inteests and from the perspctive of a government that has to ensure continuity and harmony it is realistic to assume that they both will find solutions within the reactive framework. No doubt solutions will be found, but as that framework has its roots in the pre digital transition it cannot inspire nor create viable business models that take the current reality into account.
The Speaker:
Rob van Kranenenburg is self employed. Co-founder of, IoP and founder of Council, He is involved in as Stakeholder Coordinator and with a task on ethics. He is a member of the Expert Group for the European Commission on Internet of Things.