The world, it will fade away. That’s all.

 A cold logic

Nor to pursue the atoms one by one,
To see the law whereby each thing goes on.
But some men, ignorant of matter, think,
Opposing this, that not without the gods,
In such adjustment to our human ways,
Can Nature change the seasons of the years,
And bring to birth the grains and all of else
To which divine Delight, the guide of life,
Persuades mortality and leads it on,
That, through her artful blandishments of love,
It propagate the generations still,
Lest humankind should perish.

On the Nature of Things
By Lucretius

There is a feeling I get when I look to the West, and my spirit is crying for leaving,

Stairway to Heaven
Led Zeppelin

And men is a giddy thing, Mumford and Sons sings. Oh man is a giddy thing. True. Men is the only species whose leadership is not tuned to the present or future but the past. Even the Dinosaurs did well until something wiped them out. I’m beginning to realise that this is not good or bad or even indifferent. It simply is. The acceleration in acceleration caused by the network is simply making this painfully visible. All positions that are claiming some kind of power base are not even going through the motions of change, not even in lip service. It also makes no sense to try to enlighten them, as their very position shields them from taking any message serious that has not been filtered through protocol or formatted in known verse. Again, I’m beginning to see that the only mistake made is by me. It is my own blind spot. How can I begin to think there could be a dialogue of bottom and top when there will be no more middle? Ha! Both caught in the same old logic. We are in the network. And unless we find a parallel track, we too will be caught in the cold logic of efficiency and security that will cause this world to fade away.

That process is described by the author John Wyndham:

The world, it fade away. That’s all.

John Wyndham

John Wyndham: Duel

“Department of Psychiatry
Forcetta Delano, Connecticut, February 28
Law Firm
Thompson and Thompson Handett
Philadelphia, PA
Gable Street 512

Ladies and Gentlemen,
On request, we have studied our patient men Stefan Dallboya and we have taken steps that helped to establish with certainty his identity. Please find enclosed the relevant judgment, according to which his claim to being actually Terencea Molton to be wholly unfounded.

How many more things that I wanted to learn! – What happened to my world? – I asked. – It seems to me that it was close to some great catastrophe. It was probably destroyed in the next world war?

– Why, no, it just faded away, like all early civilisations. Quite simple.

I thought of my time, with its complexities and conflicts. The mastery of space and the speed of developments in science.

– Just fade away! – I repeated. – That’s impossible. My world could not “just die.” Something had to have happened to lead to such destruction.

– Order killed it. The love of order is not nothing but a manifestation of a longing for stability. That longing is indeed quite natural – but its gratification is sometimes fatal. A favourable environment longed for the world to be static, and hence the world was static. Then of course the need arose for a new adaptation, but alas, that world was not able to adapt, and humanity died out quite naturally – as it has happened with many primitive peoples.

Clytassamine had no reason to tell an untruth, but it was hard to believe.

– And we had such great perspectives! Everything lay open to us. Science developed so intensively. We were even traveling to other planets and beyond … – I said.

– Yes, you were smart, like monkeys. Every invention was for you as a toy. Not fully understanding its true value. Just you started to use new layers on top of a system suffering from multiple sclerosis. And besides, you were like misers – each new discovery mistreated as a glamorous outfit covering up your old, dirty rags. All you needed was thorough disinfection.

– Such generalisations are very unfair to us. Our world was extremely complicated. We had many difficult problems.

– They related mainly to your forms and customs. Did you ever consider that life is a constant development? and survival a matter of embracing change? … You can not keep a local taboo as a perpetual truth and fight for life at the same time.

I thought about my current situation.

– What if I went back and told them what to expect?
The girl smiled.

– And you think – Terry, that they will listen to you, if they do not want to listen to their own philosophers?”