An old fashioned story along the lines of Wilkie Collins and Charles Reade. In installments. Irregular.

Can we arrive at a shared analysis of the situation? Agree on objectives, a timeframe, metrics with which we can have some notions ourselves of reasonable success?  We are not do-gooders. We do not want to change the world. We are not here to clean anyone’s mess.

I have tasted a bottom up agency not dependent on money, heritage, interest, ego, but build on the efficiencies inscribed in mathematical and computational logic. Through this we have been able to organize and infiltrate in old institutions and organisations where by our very being we expose the overhead and legacy in the systems. What we want then is more of that. More open places where people can come to work and learn and can draw on any kind of dataset and any kind of repository of information as they see fit. I hope we can agree that this is what we want to achieve. An open global infrastructure of mobility, sewage, communication, production of a layer of non branded ‘white’ goods coupled with applications and services. Value is no longer tied to currency in such a system of full traceability (IPv6, 6Lowpan, RFID, sensors, QR codes, barcodes…), bartering schemes and bitcoin type of scenes of trust will replace the current travesty of ‘value’  and Ponzi schemes. I hope we can share these objectives.

If we do then we have serious work ahead. Before us there is very little to worry about. We can only harm or beat ourselves by not growing up into other and professional ways of working. We are not surprised by the NSA stories, smooth as Lester Sterling African Beat. It was their system from the start! If we share this analysis there is no more need to invest energies in hacking systems that are tied to dying models.

It is our job in the coming years to set concrete scenarios, set timeframes, our own metrics and indicators for success, decide about concrete actualisations to achieve these objectives (companies, projects, direct action, setting up or informing or taking over political parties… The crucial thing is that all these courses of action should be aligned and coordinated, not in leninist vanguard style, but in the Platformist form of Machno’s light organising.

We are gathering in the realisation that the window that is still slightly open, bringing us some fresh air, is closing down fast. All blocs are currently being governed by the security and military forces. They differ just slightly and gradually in look and feel. The military take half of the US tax dollar. For them it has become a luxurious lifestyle and no one ever asks for receipts or explanations of why and how things were spend. There is no way we can believe they will dismantle their own lifestyle. They will not hesitate to retreat fully from the commons into gated communities (already the fastest rising form of building in the USA). They have demonstrated throughout the past centuries to not hesitate killing to keep what they want. To a broader public drenched in Facebook and getting used to smaller cars, still not able to give up the notion of personal mobility wrecking the Climate on our Planet, we have to design different stories at the moment for unless they initiate contact when their unease or economic situation becomes too bad we have no examples of the Verelendung theory bringing real solidarity.

I want to focus on  a  possible trajectory to build an inclusive smart society by taking control on device level, platform and app store. The key is the device. Currently the passport is a piece of paper with a chip. The next logical iteration is a chip with a screen. There are over 80 tablets on the market that can be researched. This device preferably would be a foldable screen. That device becomes a gateway between citizens and services. On the application and developer side it is open source and open data. It can be modified and personalised. All broad regions build their own device, platform and app store. There can be seamless potential within each zone. Middleware filters between all zones and starts the slow process are creating a single device/protocol that acts more as a gateway then as a firewall. To an individual the device as also a controller and things can be assigned to it so to become a ‘tribe’.

Is this a bad solution?
Yes, a very bad solution.
Then again I have come to the conclusion that to bad wars only equally bad solutions apply.

Once upon a time, as I went on my way, I had no clue thinking I was meant to find a door. It took me fifteen years, and so the door found me. Somehow I think it it important to write this down, but I must confess it tires me. There is too much ‘I’ in this tale. Then again I have tried so hard to find a ‘we’. The places, the meetings, the quiet nights I spoke of ‘we; only to lose that thin line I tracked in your eyes. No there is no ‘we’. I find friends, I find traces, I see similarities, I sense a tribe out there. I realize now that I won’t be me organizing them. At most I can sound them out, make them visible for you for a brief moment. I don’t know. It just might be. It might be you. So follow me for a while and I will show you where that door is. If it is you, you will know what to do.

So I went on my way some fourteen years ago as I stumbled up a worthy cause and a true problem. I set out exploring the territory and as it was not mapped I tried to be among those to map it. I said a lot of things I should not say. Yet I did not lose track of the land. It has been such a long long time since we were united and as one across the open plains. I can not recall the moment, but I am talking about it in my sleep. Reality to me is four trains running side by side. Switching from one to another is just switching tracks. No time tables run these trains. All and every track is always there, realtime. This land of in between has been known to the poets, the witches and the troubled. Come to think of it the poets are the troubled with the gift of language of signs and the witches are troubled with the gift of the language of the body. So troubled is the constant here.

The violence of the ‘normal’ of the past centuries, build on competition, scarcity of resources as quality (totally arbitrary) and a particular kind of easily scared intelligences not among the brightest, has all but demolished those who have no filters and are pure sensibility. Moving, moving always moving from one place to another, they occupied the unseen, the in between, leaving open tiny gateways that the normal people thought they could recognize: a gallery, a poem, a story, a glance. Always they would miss the clue, yet they realized that in these efforts lay the notion of becoming itself. And they could not get to that. There was no way for them to control the key to creativity, to imagining the alternative – any alternative – to the very spark igniting old flames of freedom, dignity and service. Until they realized that if they were able to bring reality itself onto a plane where the very notion of mediation was brought into a closed space where every interface and interaction itself was controlled and controllable from the very first human interfacing with the world, that it would then be possible to script the very notion of the in between itself, thereby effectively turning every human potential into an act of consumerism of predefined and marketed building blocks.

So that is where we are. We can not hide the ugliness of the facts of today. If you have come this far, you know that from now on you can only trust a handful of voices. All else and everyone else as far as I can see is marketing. These voices are either paid by the conglomorates forming today around Industrial Internet, Internet of Everything and Internet of Things, or objective allies. You will hear a lot of so called critique and superficial criticism of the smart city, only to pave the mental way for its smooth gadgets and services.

So maybe everything is going to be allright, but we must admit only because everything is indifferent after all. For everything to going to be allright I am going to have to be clear and precise. I hate that. Clarity and me can not be in the same room, not even briefly. And the caravan? It ain’t moving.

I’m going to see if she has a coat so warm to keep her from the howling winds.