no match for the Jack of Hearts.


The engineers took us to realtime.

They thought it was an empty space.

But we live there, in dreamtime.

We were caught by surprise in the plains.

The Rain Dance went limp.

They caught us fishing as Aborigines and slaughtered us, filled our minds with cluttering noise and meaningless chatter, chatter, chatter.

Thinking we would lose the open line

And for a while, we did.

This time we occupied the space not only with our own tools and dreams, as we live, but with their own tools and logic.

We learned about deliverables and milestones.  Where would these lie, I wonder, these stones?

RFID and IPv6 and we saw it was doable,

in fact simply waves.

We learned about projects and reviews and found that we can do them in three seconds flat and pass these reviews overcoming our fear of failure in anything we have not thought up from point zero.

We are here.

You will see us when we see you.

Do not be afraid, we will work with you and all your structures.

Yet all your assets – as you call them – are belong to us, to none, no one in p a r t i c u l a r.

And remember, if you will, the actor,  the Jack of Hearts

who had business back in town,

business back in town,

as we are growing up,

no match for the Jack of Hearts.

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