Won’t be long now.

So, tell me, how difficult is it to unlearn literally every thing you have been taught and realize the truth and then lean back against the wall of a three store apartment balcony?


A cup of tea, would you want one too? You have a small piece of pure black chocolate.

Well, it is not that difficult. But hard, yes. To have traveled this far only to find, no only to return to the starting point over and over realizing it does not matter going left and right.

Does not matter at all!

There is a thin line at work in every direction.

Doing evil, doing good, or avoid them both – go for it!

Work them with an attitude worthy of each cause. Respect the boundaries,

respect them doing evil

respect them doing good

respect them doing nothing

respect them as you walk on by

holding on to a thin thread you don’t even know, but feel to be there.

It has always been us.

Not that many.

Actualizing darkness and light in eternal circles. I can only hope we talk concentric circles, actually moving up or down, but learning.

But ah,  that is playing with my own heart and pushers should not high on their own supply.

So for you out there wandering and wondering. Relax and go to sleep.

For I can tell that I found the door. It is still heavily barricaded. For the life of me I can not say what they piled up over there!

I can feel you.

I can blow that door anytime, but I’m waiting. Waiting for you to wake up my brothers and sisters, wake up.

And when you, oh when you do, we blow that door and obliterate whatever is housing there,

Then it will house us. We make our beds. We work fresh paint so we know it has got soul.

Some day soon we hear knocking. Bang bang bang.

We go barricading the door.

In the mean time

we respect them doing evil

we respect them doing good

we respect them doing nothing

we respect them walking by