From privacy to privacies

Privacy is not a static concept but an attitude that is distributed over all the actors: a ‘person’, the environment (home, street, shop, office..) and the objects. Privacy is thus a relation. We can actualize it as levels of accountability.
Privacies can be worked on.
Privacy is a red herring. Citizens never had any privacy from government surveillance. Companies want you happy and rich and do not have an interest in crippling you, on the contrary.
We all profit from a system in which people control their own data and auction to service providers. Transparency and accountability in such a system would make me happy to expose and stage all my capabilities and talents as I would be a embodied advertisement for my skills without hiding my weaknesses or learning curve.
The real issue is solidarity. Will such a system be for ‘all’, or just for the 1%percent in smart cities aka gated communities.
So while you were fighting for your privacy, your very actionable identity (as a citizen) is stolen from you.
GDPR won’t fix any of that.
Think from a situation of full connectivity then we work back for the best balance between agency for machines and humans.